Lonely Crow

The theme of my work is communication that does not go well.
What I am most interested in is the appearance of clumsy people to communicate. They sometimes give birth to a tragedy or something with a wonderful radiance.That is exactly the moment the story is born.



The film director thinks about various things before making the story a video work. I pay attention to the process of thinking and express the act of creation itself with painting works and installations.



From 2018, the story I am working on is the title “Lonely Crow”. This story depicts the relationship between the side that uses power and the side that is used. The relationship is expressed by replacing it with a human and a crow.

2018年からは「Lonely Crow」というタイトルで、権力を用いる側と用いられる側との関係性を、人間とカラスとに置き換えて描いています。